AirVantage M2M Cloud collects and transmits machine data

Sierra Wireless plans to expand with AirVantage M2M Cloud M2M communication. Architecture enhancements such as the integration of Amazon Web Services are intended to ensure the implementation and management of large M2M applications and simplify. Sierra Wireless According AirVantage M2M Cloud provides the components AirVantage Management Service and AirVantage Enterprise Platform is a secure, scalable infrastructure to collect M2M data from any number of networked devices and to transmit using each network operator to any number of devices, and with any number of business applications link. it is also possible to integrate machine data into an existing back-end system as well as in enterprise and cloud applications in order to connect the sales, marketing, accounting, field service and management with useful information. The machine data could also be used for the establishment of innovative web and mobile applications.

AirVantage includes the manufacturer globally distributed data centers for storage of information, Web 2.0 APIs for enterprises to access and the exchange of information and an integrated subscription management with nine world network operators. AirVantage is closely linked to the devices by Sierra Wireless, is to support the open source AirVantage Agent as well as external devices.

AirVantage Management Service

AirVantage Management Service is a cloud application that uses the company’s complete M2M applications can control and configure. The performance-based user interface allows the update of the embedded software with a single click, the interactive system monitoring provides an overview of the status of all M2M applications. The ability to connect devices with specific firmware and embedded applications or to combine them into groups is to provide simple and scalable M2M applications.

AirVantage Enterprise Platform 

AirVantage Enterprise Platform is intended by the easy access to the machine data using current cloud API standards, including RESTful APIs and OAuth 2.0, accelerate the development of M2M solutions.

Amazon Web Services Partner Network 

In conjunction with the new version of the AirVantage M2M Cloud Sierra Wireless has partnered with Amazon Web Services Partner Network. Through this collaboration, customers AirVantage APIs can be used for the establishment of M2M applications that can operate seamlessly on the Amazon Web Services cloud infrastructure. So they would save to establish its own IT infrastructure, the launch of new products could accelerate and improve scalability.

The AirVantage M2M Cloud is currently in beta testing and is available in the zone of the Sierra Wireless Developer. The launch is scheduled for early-2013.