Alfresco presents sync platform for enterprise content

In the new platform Alfresco combines the benefits of the cloud with the capabilities of enterprise content management (ECM) and will help to prepare the version chaos on a variety of content-sharing platforms to an end. The development of extranets will be accelerated and both working with clients and mobile access to important information easier.

The increasing mobility in business by employees access more frequently using mobile devices more and more types of content, it brings with it inevitable that there are different versions of enterprise content in various locations. So that the chaos is programmed within the ECM.

Previously it was only possible from access or external to internal systems to use encapsulated cloud services in order to facilitate collaboration beyond the firewall. In many cases, companies are working with cloud technologies that are designed for home users – at considerable risk for the company.

No more headaches 

with the new sync solution Alfresco wants to put an end to uncontrolled growth. Based on the Alfresco content platform, employees can content as required with colleagues in the office as well as business partners outside the company independently replace the terminal. Whether a document was last updated in the office or in the cloud, is unimportant. Alfresco Enterprise Sync, all files across multiple locations can always keep away at the same level.

The ECM specialist has currently the only solution that connects people, content, systems and processes on both sides of the firewall well covered in his own words. For a secure extranet for B2B collaboration in the cloud is available. At the same time, IT departments could employees for confidential content that may not be put into the cloud, internal enable smooth work.

Alfresco One combines functions 

order the performance of an ECM solution with the agility of the cloud to unite several offers under the name Alfresco One were combined into a bundle. The Alfresco One Enterprise subscription consists of the following modules:

Alfresco Enterprise is a comprehensive and scalable ECM platform that is ideal for content that must remain in the company. They can be integrated in any existing systems, from simple document management system to the rigorous records management.

The Alfresco Enterprise cloud network is a safe, controllable by the company, cloud service after the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model. It offers the possibility to invite external colleagues to a cloud site and work together on documents. The proven features of Alfresco Share are available, including the ability to manage access rights.

With the now newly introduced technology Alfresco Enterprise Sync employees can select documents and folders in Alfresco Enterprise in order to synchronize with the cloud.

The Alfresco Desktop Sync function (beta) offers the ability to save files on the desktop, in the cloud or in the Alfresco on-premise solution seamlessly synchronize. It should be generally and unconditionally available in November.

Alfresco Mobile includes native iOS apps that employees can securely access with appropriate equipment on content. Users can choose whether they want to work with a web browser, tablet or smartphone, while the IT department retains control over the content.

Contents are encrypted in the cloud when accessing via tablet PCs or smartphones. This reduces the risk of data loss if a device is ever lost or stolen.