Companies want more flexible cloud or ESD models

Companies want more flexible cloud or ESD modelsWhat happens if a manufacturer to enforce its own software licensing model at the customer not according to or control and can detect? Then he has “his dirt in Schächtele” like the Schwabe says, and thus missed many opportunities to reduce software costs in companies and to ensure compliance.


Especially lack of automation methods for exploitation acquisition of software in companies. This is the result of Flexera Software commissioned IDC study comes to important trends in software pricing and Licensing. The study underlying survey addressed to managers use software and high-tech manufacturers and enterprise customers, the software and equipment, and manage.

Groping in the fog

The trend is towards more flexible licensing models and usage-based pricing, the study shows. The topic of cloud computing and related new models of software distribution are becoming increasingly attractive for many manufacturers.

However, it is so far only the will to change. In practice, it is missing – if any – often the simplest methods for software license usage acquisition. Nearly half of all manufacturers declined last year for the acquisition or did not know if this is not already the case. Here, a roughly three-quarters of enterprise users classified controlling their software license usage as very important.

Trust is good

However, the methods to acquire the software license usage, for the company more than unsatisfactory are. They primarily use software asset management software and in-house developed systems. Services offered by manufacturers tools are rather less used. Some control and organize their licenses even manually.

For businesses, especially the use of recording for the compliance review in middleware, ERP, and CRM software is the most difficult. The reason for this most commonly missing automatic detection mechanisms are called. The manufacturers that do not offer the automated way to monitor license usage, see the need for better tools.

Control is better

To the terms of an acquisition, the manufacturers rely primarily on methods such as checks serial numbers, product activations and dongles. Strengthened, manufacturers on compliance audit teams. Some have also implemented yet no method of enforcement. After all, planning nearly half of the manufacturers surveyed in 2011 using better technologies.

The figures clearly show the lack of industry-wide standardization and automation of software use detection and enforcement. Therefore it is not surprising that the majority of manufacturers as well as the corporate user models