Epicor ERP new version makes companies smarter now

The latest version of Epicor ERP offers advanced cloud and analytics features and a more user-friendly user interface. Among the most important innovations include business intelligence and visual analytics capabilities.


On the redesigned homepage Epicor data discovery analysis tools are provided. Dashboards, trackers and data visualization tools that are integrated into the core ERP platform, show visual data and thus provide comprehensive view of current business processes. Also new are Active Home Page, Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization specifically for manufacturing companies as well as generally new country- and industry-specific functions.

Role-based insights

The third major release of Epicor ERP within one year carries particular the huge issue of data analysis statement. Employees now receive all relevant information to make better, faster analysis and options at a glance. The Active Home Page provides using Epicor Data Discovery (EDD) dashboard views for role-based analysis with fast access to individual functions. EDD demand-driven supports comprehensive data analysis to operational decisions for real-time insight and display business data. summarizes complex data sets together in easy-to-understand graphs and tables, allowing users to assess performance levels faster, trends and opportunities to understand view detailed data and “what-if” scenarios to play through.

Intelligent inventory planning and optimization 

Epicor Smart Inventory Planning and Optimization provides an integrated set of cloud-based functionality for demand planning, inventory optimization and supply chain analytics. Companies can use this to drive best practices in Sales and Inventory Operations Planning ‘(SIOP) and monitor a variety of factors to define inventory rules and service levels for low total cost.

In addition, new country- and industry-specific functions support everyday tasks such as reporting or regulatory compliance, control and payment processes, and international trade requirements, including statutory numbering and non-refundable taxes. Users who use Epicor Mattec MES (Manufacturing Execution System), will also benefit from improvements in the MES-ERP integration to allow for easier different parameters and dependencies of orders, planning, machine operators and / or systems.

The new release is available immediately worldwide. but some features that are already available for now only available in the US, should be expected to be introduced globally during the year 2018th Epicor has also worked to simplify the upgrade, so that the latest version of Epicor ERP can be adopted with minimal business disruption.