Free and secure access to the cloud from anywhere

The secure remote access solution HOB RD VPN blue edition provides security, high availability, multi-tenancy and flexible installation. It also grants full access to the cloud network. Licenses can be flexible monthly booked or canceled as required.

HOB RD VPN blue edition provides cloud service providers through integrated PPP Tunnel is also the possibility of allowing a full network access. Here, SSL and many other security mechanisms such as authentication or target filter provide for a correspondingly high level of security. Thanks to multi-tenancy, the data of the individual cloud customers remain reliably separated.

HOB PPP Tunnel is the only solution that enables full network access without installation, administrator rights or drivers on the client worldwide. Customers can be connected to the cloud so flexible, fast yet safe.

Full network access without IPsec 

HOB PPP Tunnel offers – similar to conventional IPsec solutions – the full network access, but uses its SSL. So united HOB PPP Tunnel the benefits of IPsec and SSL: for optimal performance, flexibility, and security. Especially with locally flexible users of remote access, IPsec can become a problem quickly. Since the HOB solution uses SSL, such problems are completely avoided.

And cloud administrators are relieved because HOB RD VPN is installed, configured and managed centrally. The administrator must also worry less about data security: thanks to the SSL encryption and the numerous options for authentication and control (target filter, compliance check, etc.) is a secure access by authorized users guaranteed.

Since HOB RD VPN does not require installation and administration rights on the client, new employees are connected with a few clicks of the cloud – without taking the terminal physically in your hands. In addition, employees can flexibly work – regardless of time, place and access device. When transmitting the data is compressed.