From VDI to terminal services to application virtualization

The IT service provider Bechtle, who has more than 60 system house locations, virtualized its desktop environment with Citrix products. This article gives an insight into the practice.

A Virtual Machine moves from a cloud Server Rack to the other

Bechtle offers the virtualized IT components not only its customers, but also uses them, even for their own employees and data centers. There are several reasons: First of all the IT managers of the company believe that this approach is the best way to keep the virtualization expertise in its own employees high.

Only those who use the product itself, is confronted directly with all the advantages and disadvantages of the solution and is suitable as a comprehensive knowledge of, that’s priceless later when advising customers and in solving their difficulties.

The second important reason for the use of virtualization technologies within the company is for Bechtle in economic efficiency. If it is necessary for reasons of know-how to set up a virtualization environment in their own data center, it also makes sense, then use this environment not only for testing purposes, but also to use productively. Only way to ensure that the effort remains limited and is directed into productive channels.

Why Desktop Virtualization?

According to analysts at Gartner are expected various developments that companies are forced to optimize costs in the coming years. In this context, hybrid cloud computing, business process automation, Infrastructure Convergence, Unified Communication and new client architectures play a role. Virtualization is therefore becoming the standard and operating systems are combining forces in the virtualization solution.

In selecting the Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), several factors played a role for Bechtle.

“First of all, an affordable solution was needed, besides, it was important that each user is allowed to assign flexible devices,” said Roland King, Head of Business Unit virtualization and managing director of Bechtle. “In addition, the devices listed above in a simple manner had to be available and can also be easily managed. The reason for this is that many of our staff often on the road are at the customer. Many of them work in the field and require remote access on their data, programs and other information with various devices. ”

Apart from the above arguments, the Citrix solution was also quick to implement and easy, because it consisted of a finished combination of Cisco hardware, support for Citrix brought a XenDesktop farm. As storage products found NetappVerwendung.