Mobile visibility thanks to cloud submissions and construction projects

AuGe (tenders geocoded) is mobile and can now be used on tablet PCs and smart phones, to demonstrate tenders and construction projects to capture and market information and share it with the office staff.


Practice EDP announces that the platform “AuGe” is offered (tenders geocoded) from now as firmAPP for tablets and smartphones. Thus, collect data and make reports directly to the back office via a cloud service available site manager or sales representative, for example, with an iPad on a construction site.

For example, planned construction projects can take, take notes and offer information on tenders hold, so that the distribution is up to date and timely informed about the relevant projects. The employee can also check the latest submission and get among other things, an overview of construction projects and the price structure in the market.

Through this survey, it is possible to create a pre-qualification of potential business partners in the sales and delivery area. But it can also hold tenders, coming for example from the local press. Such individual information collected are loud practice EDP exclusive visible to the creator.

Access via the cloud

So that employees in the sales department can access the collected data, they must register via the Internet at The office employees can thus see the notes and offer instructions drawn up by the sales force to tenders and note. These evaluations help to survey to calculate freight as possible and to receive orders the amount rivers in sales or in the delivery area, according to practice EDP.