Oracle Application Server Tuxedo 12c becomes mainframe-fast

With version “12 c” of the application server “Tuxedo” Oracle Tuxedo software to achieve the scalability and performance of a large computer for mission-critical enterprise applications. In addition, the version for operation in the “Exalogic cloud” of the manufacturer is tuned.


Information from Oracle, according to could achieve significant cost savings 12c users with the use of Tuxedo. They have several reasons.

The application server can now be operated with the Administration Tool “Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c” (EM12c). Since Oracle Tuxedo System and Application Monitor (TSAM) are integrated into EM12c 12c Tudexo and the corresponding applications and other Oracle applications can be monitored and managed from a single console.

In addition, allows the transaction monitoring, which allows for the parallel execution of multiple instances of the same application to update applications without system failures and reduce diagnostic times.

Speed up and simplify

the communication between the processes will accelerate Tuxedo 12c with shared memory, regardless of the architecture of distribution, the manufacturer says. Finally, also the domain-wide workload management and deployment should be more efficient with the configuration wizard.

In addition, the launch range for newly developed applications let out, so Oracle. Tuxedo 12c allows the parallel operation of C, C ++ -, Cobol, Java, PHP, Python and Ruby applications.

C / C ++ – Developer can use a plug-in for “Solaris Studio”. There is a configuration tool for the deployment of Web services that allow a link to third-party applications. Nor can it be from the Oracle SOA Suite via Java Connector Architecture (JCA) to access Tuxedo applications.

12c for add-ons

At the same time released Oracle Application Runtime “Tuxedo ART” 12c version. Now mainframe applications can be on the “Exalogic” Run platform from Oracle. Tuxedo ART emulates the IBM Transactions Monitor “Customer Information Control System” (CICS). Even the mainframe database system “Information Management System” (IMS) could relax emulate it.

Among the Tuxedo add-ons, which Oracle also indulges a new version includes “Oracle Tuxedo Application Rehosting Workbench 12c”, “Oracle Tuxedo System Application Monitor (TSAM) 12c”; “Oracle Services Architecture Leveraging Tuxedo (SALT) 12c”; “Oracle Tuxedo JCA Adapter 12c” and “Oracle Tuxedo Mainframe Adapters 12c”.