Private cloud appliance certified for Vblock systems

VCE has the Secure certified private cloud solution (SPC) from Unisys with the label “Vblock Ready”. In the form of an appliance is the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, as well as the Vblock system, designed to provide a complete cloud functionality in no time.

Customers can use the Unisys-VCE solution as a standalone cloud solution or so existing infrastructure to a hybrid environment (Hybrid Enterprise) expand. Vblock systems combine network components and servers from Cisco, EMC storage, and VMware cloud infrastructure technologies into an intelligent, high-performance IT environment. VCE was formed by Cisco and EMC with the participation of VMware and Intel. Unisys is VCE systems integrator and Vblock system reseller. The Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution simplifies the automation, deployment, and management of IT resources in a Vblock-based cloud environment.

An integrated module for detecting the use of resources is needed for billing purposes data user-based disposal. Safe disconnection of clients is realized by the integrated Unisys Stealth technology.

Safe Manantenschutz

The Unisys Stealth Solution Suite provides additional data security in a cloud environment with various clients by making applications on the network invisible and protects them from unauthorized internal or external sources of attack or threat. While remaining information that is relevant to a particular user group, protected from unauthorized access by members of other groups. Stealth is based on already patented security technologies or pending patents and has BSI-recognized security certifications.

The Usage Monitoring and Chargeback feature monitors both the physical and virtual cloud resources and generates detailed reports on their use. Costs can thus be based on usage assigned to the individual clients. Especially in a cloud environment, which is characterized by ease of deployment of new services, it can make a decisive contribution that higher requirements correspond to the end-user services with the cost of the cloud environment.

Cloud Consulting Services 

Besides offering Unisys extensive consulting, planning and implementation services for companies that want to set up a cloud-based solution VCE systems:

Unisys Advisory Services determined for Data Center and Cloud transformation, how well cloud computing for a company is appropriate and if so, what type of cloud best fits. Unisys Cloud Build services help companies that have already embarked on a cloud direction at the proper and cost-effective planning and implementation of a suitable solution.

For operational tasks in cloud computing company, Unisys Enterprise Systems Management Services can implement. This will allow administrators to monitor and manage all segments of the infrastructure and take preventive and remedial measures against possible IT mistakes.