SMBs are ready for specific cloud solutions

linear medium-sized companies have 2012 specific goals in mind, where should perform their planned for next year technology investment: increased efficiency, improved customer service, and cost spenders work.

This is the result of the Sage Business Index, for the provider of business software surveyed more than 10,000 small businesses with fewer than 100 employees from ten countries around the world in July and August 2011 is coming. In Germany, more than 1,800 companies responded to the survey.

Especially for mobile technologies such as smartphones and tablet PCs, 23 percent of German SMEs want to spend money next year. But CRM software and document management systems available on the wish list, closely followed by enterprise resource planning systems.

The local installation of software on the PC or corporate server is more preferred by most companies. This is especially true for business-critical applications such as accounting, ERP, and payroll software.

This does not mean that the middle class would be the topic of cloud closed fully. Many companies are willing to use certain services in future also via the Internet. If there is a new investment, respondents want to access in the future mainly on HR and personnel management solutions, CRM solutions or business intelligence applications on the Web.