The Benefits of Cloud-native Data Integration

08-05-2018 - Even in our wallets, the digital transformation is noticeable: Instead of cash and paper, we carry more and more RFID and NFC cards with us, with which we identify ourselves or cashless payments.

SMBs are ready for specific cloud solutions

08-05-2018 - leinere medium-sized companies have 2012 specific goals in mind, where should perform their planned for next year technology investment: increased efficiency, improved customer service and cost sparenderes work.

From VDI to terminal services to application virtualization

08-05-2018 - The IT service provider Bechtle, who has more than 60 system house locations, virtualized its desktop environment with Citrix products. This article gives an insight into the practice.

Alfresco presents sync platform for enterprise content

08-05-2018 - In the new platform Alfresco combines the benefits of the cloud with the capabilities of enterprise content management (ECM) and will help to prepare the version chaos on a variety of content-sharing platforms to an end.