The Benefits of Cloud-native Data Integration

08-05-2018 - Even in our wallets, the digital transformation is noticeable: Instead of cash and paper, we carry more and more RFID and NFC cards with us, with which we identify ourselves or cashless payments.

VMware complements cloud management with automation tool

08-05-2018 - VMware has unveiled yesterday at the House conference VMworld Europe 2012 in Barcelona an update of the vCloud Suite. In order for the virtualization specialist is expanding its introduced in August cloud management portfolio.

Companies want more flexible cloud or ESD models

08-05-2018 - Companies want more flexible cloud or ESD modelsWhat happens if a manufacturer to enforce its own software licensing model at the customer not according to or control and can detect?

Secure navigation in the cloud

08-05-2018 - Cloud computing promises enticing benefits. But what about protecting sensitive data? Will the much-vaunted possibilities really exhausted? Important factors are mainly the areas of

Free and secure access to the cloud from anywhere

08-05-2018 - The secure remote access solution HOB RD VPN blue edition provides security, high availability, multi-tenancy and flexible installation. It also grants full access to cloud network.

Private cloud appliance certified for Vblock systems

08-05-2018 - VCE has the Secure certified private cloud solution (SPC) from Unisys with the label “Vblock Ready”. In the form of an appliance is the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, as well as the Vblock system,

Mobile visibility thanks to cloud submissions and construction projects

08-05-2018 - AuGe (tenders geocoded) is mobile and can now be used on tablet PCs and smart phones, to demonstrate tenders and construction projects to capture and market information and share it with the office staff.