Free ERP as entry-level help for e-commerce beginners

08-05-2018 - From now on openWaWision 3.17 is free for use. The updated open source version of WaWision ERP has ten new features for example, calendar, and team organization and integrated video support.

Companies want more flexible cloud or ESD models

08-05-2018 - Companies want more flexible cloud or ESD modelsWhat happens if a manufacturer to enforce its own software licensing model at the customer not according to or control and can detect?

Cloud computing has conquered the IT industry in Europe

08-05-2018 - The annual trend study “CIO Barometer 2012” shows CSC: Seven out of ten IT decision makers see the world cloud computing become the most important of tasks on their part. By

Secure navigation in the cloud

08-05-2018 - Cloud computing promises enticing benefits. But what about protecting sensitive data? Will the much-vaunted possibilities really exhausted? Important factors are mainly the areas of

Private cloud appliance certified for Vblock systems

08-05-2018 - VCE has the Secure certified private cloud solution (SPC) from Unisys with the label “Vblock Ready”. In the form of an appliance is the Unisys Secure Private Cloud Solution, as well as the Vblock system,

Oracle Application Server Tuxedo 12c becomes mainframe-fast

08-05-2018 - With version “12 c” of the application server “Tuxedo” Oracle Tuxedo software to achieve the scalability and performance of a large computer for mission-critical enterprise applications.