The Benefits of Cloud-native Data Integration

Even in our wallets, the digital transformation is noticeable: Instead of cash and paper, we carry more and more RFID and NFC cards with us, with which we identify ourselves or cashless payments. Criminals would be this: Did they pull us the purse earlier verbatim from his pocket, they can easily read digital data from the valuable content today – in passing and without us realizing it. To this digital theft put a stop, the Dutch manufacturer has developed tamperproof purses, the outer shell contains a thin aluminum layer. This protects the cards included not to be read in passing.

The concept of Secrid captures the spirit of the digital age and is internationally successful. More than 5,000 dealers in over 60 countries, the products have now come almost daily in assortment new ones. Since the company was founded in 2009 revenues to grow by an average of 40 percent per year, one end of the success rate is in sight. Currently Secrid already employs more than 80 employees.

Challenging growth

the rapid growth of the manufacturer is also a challenge: He must ensure that the back-office processes mitskalieren and run as efficiently as possible. It’s all about data integration: It must be ensured that business-critical data does not remain in silos or are not optimally utilized for other reasons, but always there are available where they are needed. Because that is the prerequisite for building a broad knowledge of customers to manage resources efficiently, reliably predict revenues, manage invoicing data gaps and manage the production of digital.

A smaller company may be able to handle manually its data. However, since Secrid has grown rapidly, and an upgrade of the infrastructure was necessary. The search for a solution led to Dell Boomi. With the integration platform Boomi the company to ensure that employees and business partners have the right information when and where they need it. At the same time, automate manual processes so that employees can focus on more strategic tasks and work smarter succeeded. Result of all these improvements is to accelerate key business processes by almost 50 percent.

Advancing the internal networking

Secrid Boomi used initially for the integration of enterprise resource planning platform (ERP) from NetSuite into the existing application suite. Secrid NetSuite used to manage mission-critical business processes such as finance, order management, inventory management and demand planning. Boomi made it possible to connect the cloud-based ERP system with the rest of the company.

Because NetSuite integration was a success, decided Secrid to expand collaboration with Boomi. The manufacturer has since depended on the Integration Platform-as-a-service offering (iPaaS) of Boomi and uses the system for the execution of almost 50 application integration processes, including e-commerce platform Shopify, database applications from Oracle and customer support applications.

In addition, Boomi Secrid also help you build a customized application for managing the packaging and shipping services of the company. The application connects Secrids manufacturing machines with enterprise applications and customer databases. Once the items packaged and ship, an employee takes a picture of the order and sends it on the application to the customer. So customers can see what products have been sent at what time and when they can expect with the arrival of their package.

Foundation for further growth

Its rapid growth Secrid owes especially his courage to innovate. In 2009, the company introduced a technology to market their pioneering significance at that time few recognized immediately. Even when made necessary realignment of its internal processes Secrid did not hesitate to rely on innovative solutions. The cloud-native integration platform Boomi has helped Secrid to reduce the time spent on administrative work considerably.

Because devices, data, applications and processes can now be easily connected, the purses manufacturer is optimally positioned for the future. Instead of spending time to use the tedious manual data management and liquidation of inefficient internal processes, the company can continue to concentrate on its growth.